Saturday, December 14, 2019

Are you ready to get started on your Great American Success Story?

I’m Danny Murphy, but not Danny Murphy the famous baseball player. Or the famous soccer player. Also, I’m not the Dan Murphy who owns most of the liquor stores in Australia. I’m Danny Murphy, the writer. Actually, there are over a dozen Danny Murphys who are writers.

I’m the one who works with clients like Dick Erickson, Founder of Sun Tire, to document their Great American Success Stories. Then I help them to present their stories in the form of books, videos, and through social media. For example, Dick’s forthcoming book is titled Rubber Meets Road: Business Isn’t Rocket Science. 

A new year is almost upon us. If you or someone you know is ready to turn the page and begin the chapter in life that includes writing a Great American Success Story, you will find helpful information here at

Blog posts will include inspiring and practical insights from some of the great American entrepreneurs I run into. I read quite a bit of business literature, so there will also be inspiring quotes from some of my readings. Most importantly, there will be practical information on how to go about presenting your Great American Success Story.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:
  • Why does the world need your success story?
  • Three easy ways to get started with your success story.
  • What to include in you success story.  
Herbert Hill Peyton grew up in modest circumstances and went on to build the Gate Petroleum empire. If you drive just about anywhere in Jacksonville, you’ll drive by a Gate Store. Mr. Peyton wrote an autobiography titled Newboy. He and his family moved around quite a bit, and he was in a new school every year. He was always the new boy, and that can make life challenging.

The prologue to his book explains why it was important to him to write the book. “Have you ever wondered what evidence of your life might remain one hundred years from now? I have written this book because one hundred years from now there will probably be no other evidence that I have lived on Earth. Our great-grandchildren most likely will not know our names. They will have minimal interest in our having lived, or in what we did during our stay on this Earth.”

I know very little about my great-grandparents. It would be nice to know more, but there’s no simple way to dig it up. It would have been nice if one or more of them had left a book, even a short one, behind. Stories matter. However, if they are not recorded, they could be lost forever. Don’t let that happen to your story.

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